New Site Built On Ghost

New Site Built On Ghost

So fresh and so clean clean. Yes, you can tell this is a new site built on Ghost. I realised that I needed to start blogging again as I actually enjoy writing. I think of myself as a storyteller. I like to nudge my readers into a specific corner with ease and use nostalgia as a powerful weapon.

However, over the past few years, I have failed to create much in terms of blogs and only publish every so often on my Medium. Well, wait no more as I have decided to rebuild my entire site on Ghost. I specifically chose Ghost because of the promises it makes that supposedly makes blogging easy. This site was hosted on Wordpress up until now and say what you may about WP, but it is just the king when it comes to content creation. However, this flexibility is also what makes it a bad choice for the simple stuff.

I was able to setup my Ghost site in minutes while, WP took me a few hours to really get things going. I will be writing about Ionic, Angular and Web technologies on here. Think of this as the place where I blog my frustrations. If I face a Bug at work, be rest assured you will hear about it here. If I find a quick fix to something, you will learn about it here as well.

Every now and then, I will also have a place for Motivation pieces although I am still not sure wether that will be done here or on another platform.

Stay tuned and be prepared for the writer version of Sani Yusuf

Picture is a shot I took of the Edinburgh Castle, in Scotland at night.