Sani Yusuf

Hi there, welcome to my site. You might want to know me a little bit better so I decided to make this small section here so you can rest assured that I am not a Serial Killer or some plantain thief.
Depending on who you are or where you got to hear about me or my works, you might know me for different reasons. So I took the time to showcase a few of my Personas.

The Software Engineer

Being A Code In Moscow, Russia 

I have a Software Engineering background, and I have been doing that pretty much since the late 2000s. I started with PHP/MYSQL then moved on to Python & Java at university. I then found a home in the PhoneGap space, and that was what led me to do Windows Phone. Today, I mostly write Angular using Typescript and build mobile Apps using Ionic.

In the past, I worked on the Perkbox mobile apps, where I was the lead mobile engineer. I will be honest; I was the entire mobile team for a long time. I also worked on the famous healthcare app called Sworkit. I was the guy that stopped you from getting it for free but introducing In-App Purchases. Please don't hate me; I was being paid to do this. Another app I consulted on that did well was Funzing UK app.

At the time of writing, I lead the development of a healthcare platform that is being used by the NHS mental health teams in partnership with top universities in England.

The Writer

No not novels or story books, I mostly write about IT with focus on Ionic & Angular. I Have 3 books published since 2016 all in Ionic. I am looking to write a self help book someday soon, but I will let you know when that is out.

I have also recorded 3 different coursed for Lynda/LinkedIN. You can check them out on my Author Profile.  In my past life, I used to write about Windows Phone on TutsPlus and did some tech blogging too. I

The Public Speaker

I love teaching. There is something about me that comes alive when I get up on stage, and all eyes are on me, and then I proceed to spew some words, and people believe it. Call it narcism, call it genius but I love impacting people with knowledge. I just love talking, but when that talking, makes people listen and be better, nothing gives me more joy.

The Traveler/Adventurer

Without travel and adventure, I would not be who I am. I love to learn, and the best way to learn is by leaving your comfort zone and trying new things. Over the past few years, I have visited over 30 countries and six continents. I have tried new foods, picked up aspects of new cultures and picked up new skills. I saw someone do Paddleboarding in Israel and I went to the shop, rented my board without any training and decided to Paddle. One neck injury later, I have done this activity in Israel, Germany, USA & Senegal. That is my attitude to things in life; I go head first with conviction and success as the goal.

The Entrepreneur

The Aquaponics Site 

I was put on this earth to create and Innovate and that I shall do till I leave this earth. Currently, I have a footing in the Aquaponics space with over 4 years of R&D and some course education from the University of Galilee, Israel about Management in Sustainable Aquaculture.  My company is working to be West-Africa's largest sustainable aquaculture setup within the next 2020-2030 decade. My company also has an eye in Black Soldier Fly farming for alternative protein and is spending some time researching the use of IOT innovations to improve operations. If you are in the Aquaponics, Aquaculture, Bug Farming or IOT space, get in touch for a tour around our site or just have conversations.

I also have a good amount of experience in the Healthcare & Education spaces, so feel free to get in touch today.  

The Sani Yusuf

Soo many people have different assumptions about this part. Some say I am controversial, some say I am nice, some say I am Amazing, some say I am not Amazing. Human beings are fickle and that is what makes them special so this is why but I will let you be the judge when you meet me in person.